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Eau Claire Memorial 1991-2001
Future Class Get Togethers

In depth... the What, When, Who, How,and Why of future class, and classmate's events!
(In or Out of good old E.C.!)

OK... Obviously, we can use this page to inform everyone about the latest news and plans for upcoming Reunions!

I also thought we could use it to communicate on possible informal get togethers.

Are you going to be in Eau Claire?
Would you like to meet any classmates who might be interested for a drink at one of the watering holes in town?
Just post the information here and see if anyone is interested or available at that time.

Maybe you want to get a group together for a ski trip this winter and want to see if any classmates would be interested in joining in. POST IT HERE and find out!

Let me know what you think.